The Secret to Avoiding Dry Texting and Keeping Your Crush Interested

The European Journal » The Secret to Avoiding Dry Texting and Keeping Your Crush Interested

Nothing screams mood killer and turns off your new crush more than the opening lines of, “How are you?”

I’m afraid the only worthy reply for that type of dead chat is reminiscent of an Ariana-style comeback, “yeah I’m good thank U…next!”

Perhaps I’m being a little too harsh on those who might actually be kind and curious of my wellbeing in hard times like these. Isn’t there something more compelling you can entice me into a deep and meaningful chat with?

Now that texting is pretty much the only viable option of having an innocent flirt, it’s important you remember that dry texting is a big no-no!

No one wants to endure a boring conversation, especially when the entire world needs a good titillating pick-me-up. Spontaneity and imagination are key to a good chat when we can only dream of actually going on a proper real-life date. 

However, for some people, it’s not easy to know how to be a fun texter, so if you’re in dire need of some inspiration, here are our top tips on how to avoid being a dull profile with dead chat.

No generic questions

Generic questions like “what you up to?” are not the type of words to be starting a conversation with, especially right now when the only possible answer is, “absolutely nothing.” If you’re genuinely interested in getting to know someone that takes your fancy, be invested in their bio by asking something specific and intriguing.

Find a common interest and bring some passion to the chat. Make the effort and value them as an individual, not just another profile to swipe and start a dry conversation with. Check out our best Tinder openers for the best one-liners.

No one-word answers

Nothing stops a good chat dead in its path more than a one-word answer, K? What’s the point of bothering if you can’t think of anything to say other than “Haha.” Treat your conversation like a face-to-face interaction by responding in a meaningful or creative way.

Texting is a two-way street of mutual effort, so don’t be rude by replying with a dead-end answer. Keep up the back and forth volleying if you want to keep the chat purposeful and avoid dry texting.

Make em’ laugh

For many of us, humour is the best, most reliable key to the heart. Laughter will always be a hugely important factor in building chemistry and sizing up compatibility, because the more you laugh together, the more you’ll be inclined to let your guard down and be yourself.

If you have the same sense of humour, you’re already onto a winner, so be bold and crack a few jokes if you think you’re funny enough. We could all do with a good old’ ROFL anyway.

Be mysterious (but not too much)

There’s nothing sexier than a guy or gal who’s got a touch of mystery about them. There’s a certain sense of thrill with chasing someone who carries themselves enigmatically. So if you’re still in the early stages of conversation, it might be wise to leave out some details at first, that way they’ll always be something more to talk about. No one wants to text an arrogant game-player, but a schmaltzy romantic type can sometimes be a little sickly too. 

Be a quick replier (but not too quick)

Let’s be honest, not many of us have particularly busy days at the moment given the whole pandemic situation we’ve found ourselves in, so there’s no excuse for day-long replies. It’s simply rude to ghost a chat if you’re already on your phone aimlessly scrolling.

Fast replies are a nice way of letting them know you’re enjoying the get-to-know-you stage, so don’t be afraid of quick-fire responses. However, find a balance – keep them on their toes once in a while if you know they enjoy the chase. 

Keep it flirty (but not dirty)

A non-flirty conversation is a dry conversation: this isn’t an afternoon catch-up at Grandma’s! Throw in flirty comments whenever the time feels right, especially if it’s a compliment. Plus, if you’re someone that’s not a natural flirt, text messaging is the perfect way to make use of the lack of awkward eye contact and stiff body language. Be confident and ooze sexuality, even if you are slumped in bed with your pyjamas on – they don’t need to know that. 

Talk about serious things (sometimes)

It’s not all about how to be a fun texter. Passion and ambition are seriously attractive traits too, so don’t shy away from talking about serious life matters if the conversation naturally flows in that direction. It can be a great bonding experience if you both open up and trust each other when discussing things in your past. Vulnerability is sexy! However, don’t be too bleak because you can easily scare them off.

Send cute selfies

After the conversation becomes comfortable and easy, there’s nothing wrong with sending a selfie or two because they’re a great way of humanising the replies lighting up the screen. If they have a genuine interest in your life, chances are they’ll want to see you in your natural habitat going about your day. Don’t worry about looking camera perfect either – if they don’t like you at your worst, they absolutely don’t deserve you at your best. 

Wield the power of gifs

The joys of smartphones now mean we can express a whole complex emotion simply through an emoji or gif, and best of all, they’re an easy way of adding some fun and playfulness to dry texting. There’s a lot of comical power in a simple gif, so get practising your gif A-game. Remember not to go too overboard though, and don’t use the red love heart emoji yet. A winky face will do just fine. 

Make some eventual plans 

Now that we’re reaching the finish line of worldwide lockdown, daters around the world can become hopeful that a face to face date is on the cards very soon. If you’re getting good vibes from the conversation and the sparks are flying between you both, make plans to eventually meet up when the time comes.

This way you’ll have something to look forward to, and if you’re ever feeling totally confused about where the relationship is going, always remember the two commandments of online dating.