How To Love Someone

How To Love Someone

When you know how to love someone, it makes a huge difference to your happiness, and the happiness of the one you love. You get to be the caring person that your partner needs, and in return you have a friend to share the good times with, and to help you through the not-so-good times.

Loving someone doesn’t always just happen by chance though; you and your partner must be willing to put the effort in to keep the love alive. Before we talk about how to love someone, let me share this love quote with you:

How To Love Someone

“Truly loving another means letting go of all expectations. It means full acceptance, even celebration of another’s personhood.”

Karen Casey

1. Have open and honest communication. In love, communication plays a vital role. If you can communicate openly and honestly with your boyfriend or girlfriend, then joy and love will thrive. If a husband and wife can talk together without holding anything back, then there is no limit to the happiness that they can share.

Communication is the most important part of any love relationship. As long as you can talk and listen to each other, then no issue you encounter will be insurmountable. 

2. Show that you care. Make sure your lover knows how important they are to you. Be certain that they understand that their happiness is your happiness. If your lover is stressed or upset, be willing to listen to their problem, and try to find a solution together. Never be afraid to show your affection, and never let there be any doubt about how much you care for each other.

3. Make your love important. A loving relationship is a partnership that both people recognise as important. Don’t let your love take second place to anything else. Spend time with each other, plan you future together, do things together that you both enjoy.

Sometimes a job or an exam can seem to get in the way of love, but don’t let that happen! Regardless of what else is going on in each of your lives, make sure that you still make time for your love.

4. Love and romance should go hand in hand. Being romantic with your partner is one of the most fun and exciting parts of any loving relationship. Don’t let the romance fall by the wayside because of the stresses and challenges of your daily life.

Still surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with romantic notes, nice dinners, flowers, picnics in the park. . . anything that lets your lover know how incredible you think they are, and how happy it makes you to be together.

5. Appreciate the love you share. Don’t ever take your love for granted. Every day you should be thankful that you are getting the chance to be with such an amazing and wonderful person, and make sure that they have plenty of reason to be thankful that they are with you too.

A relationship that is truly based on love can be hard to find, and you should always be grateful that the two of you have been brought together, and that you are both able to bring joy to each other’s lives.

6. Support one another. In love, two people are as one, so it’s important for the two people to work together. All things are easier when two minds are as one; all challenges are halved, and all happiness is doubled. Be there to offer support to each other, and the good times will far outweigh the bad. 

7. Forgive. None of us are perfect. Love won’t stop mistakes being made in a relationship or a marriage. Sometimes it will be your partner who makes a mistake, sometimes it will be you, and sometimes you will both make mistakes.

That is completely normal, and it’s shouldn’t be a problem as long as you are willing to forgive one another. Love will win out in the end. Accept that we all occasionally do things that wish we didn’t do, and be able to move on.

8. Don’t get carried away when you argue. It’s normal for disagreements to occur, even when two people love each other very much. Don’t fight just for the sake of fighting however. Don’t get caught up “trying to prove who was right”. If there is a problem that needs to be discussed, then of course you should discuss it, but don’t make it a competition that one of you will win and one of you will lose.

That’s not a result that you should want. Even if you feel hurt or upset by your partner, try not to say things that you don’t mean. The objective should be for you and your partner to resolve the issue, not to “get them to admit they were wrong”.

Focus on the problem itself; don’t focus on who did what wrong. Make sure that you are looking for a solution, rather than causing confrontation, and you will be able to fight less, and love more.

9. Have love for yourself too. Remember that you are your own person. If you don’t have love for yourself, then it’s hard to have love for someone else. Make time for the things you like to do, even if they aren’t always things that your partner is interested in.

A true love adds new options to you life, rather than making you give up the things that you enjoyed before. Love and embrace who you are, and you will find it’s much easier to love and embrace someone else too.

It’s not always easy to stick to these rules, but the rewards of a happy and loving relationship are definitely worth the effort.