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How to emphasise your waist

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Whether you have an hourglass figure or simply want to detract from the wider lower body portions of your pear shaped body, accentuating and emphasising your waist is a great way to visually take ten pounds off your frame.

While you may have heard of this easy to use fashion tip, you may not know how to accentuate waist areas properly. Use these beauty tips to help you get the slim look you desire, by focusing on your waist.

1. Wrap Dresses Are A Hit

Wrap dresses are one of many easy ways to use the natural cut and fit of a dress to help you accentuate your waist. Many designers like Ann Taylor and New York and Company are offering wrap dresses in both casual and dressy designs, fit for any occasion. Wrap dresses are typically one piece, with one side forming a wrap around the torso of your body. They are excellent not only for accentuating the smallest part of your waist but also for hiding a tummy bulge. A tummy bulge is especially hidden in wrap dresses in dark patterns, so if that is another goal of yours, be sure to look for dark prints. In addition, if you are not looking for a dress and instead need tops that flatter your figure, you can often find wrap tops that go with skirts or pants.

2. The Power Is In The Belt

Another great way to accentuate your waist is to use belts. Belts can allow you to highlight the smallest part of your waist, which can immediately make your bust appear larger and create the illusion of a hourglass figure. There are many different styles of belts, so be careful when choosing one to wear with your outfit. Wide belts can be helpful accessories when you want to bring loads of attention to your waist area, but if you have a short torso area they can make you appear shorter. Thin belts can be very effective if you wear them about an inch under your bust line, but should never be worn low on the waist or hips, as they will only visually add pounds to your appearance.

3. Empire Waists Give Flattering Comfort

One of the best suggestions for accentuating your waist is to find clothing with empire waists. These fashion trends are great for ladies who really want to conceal their tummy areas. In addition, they are extremely comfortable and can be found in blouses or as dresses. Empire waist tops should never be paired with baggy pants, however. Be sure you pair them only with slim cut pants or a pencil skirt to get the full effect and most flattering look.

4. Jackets Work To Create Angles

If you want to make your waist look smaller, jackets can work wonders to create angles. A jacket with darting and a defined fit can help you create the appearance of having a very small waist, which is always a great thing. Look for jackets with a belt tie for added benefit and be sure it fastens at the smallest part of your natural waist for the best look.

Remember, you can create the illusion of having a slim hourglass figure when you accentuate your waist with clothing. Simply use these easy clothing tips to help you figure out the best way to accentuate your waist and highlight your best body features.