10 Easy Makeup Tips for Big Eyes

10 Easy Makeup Tips for Big Eyes

For most us living our daily lives, to be told we have big eyes is a huge compliment. But are you doing all you can to emphasize your beautiful big eyes?

These makeup tips for big eyes are sure to help you maximize your best feature and lead you to more compliments from everyone you meet!

1. Get your brows right

Eyebrows are the frames for your eyes so getting them just right is critical. It is one of the most important makeup tips for big eyes. So, adjust your brows to frame your eyes properly. Make sure they are well-groomed and fall appropriately over your eyes. Don’t overdo it on the tweezing!

2. Take care of your eyes

Ok, so this isn’t just a makeup tip for big eyes, but for all eyes. Rid yourself of dark circles and puffy eyes, and be sure to use a good eye cream to keep wrinkles away. The skin around your eyes is extra delicate so treat it right. Don’t forget a good healthy diet goes a long way too. It’s important to take care of yourself inside and out if you expect your eyes to look their best.

3. Highlight the brow bone

When you’re applying eye makeup, one makeup tip for big eyes you should never ignore is highlighting your brow bones. That is exactly what white eye shadow is for and if you don’t have it, go get it. Just a slight sweep of it under your brow bones will enhance your large eyes and make them look absolutely luminous.

4. Choose bolder colors

Got big eyes? Then show them off! Those darker shadows accentuate your big eyes. Ask any professional makeup artist what their best makeup tips for big eyes are and they will definitely tell you to go bolder.

5. Add some shimmer

Now for those upper eyelids, add a pop of shimmer and glitter and you’ll have a gorgeously glamorous look. On big eyes like yours, this look is perfection!

6. Emphasize those inner corners

Get that white eye shadow out again because you’ll want to use it to add to the inner corners of your eyes. Just a teensy bit in the inner corners of your eyes blended expertly gives you a brighter and lifted look that you’ll love.

7. Get Smoky

The smoky eye is perfect for big-eyed babes like you. Your eyes were made for this kind of makeup look so use it!

8. Curl those lashes

Curling your lashes is one of the best makeup tips for big eyes. It makes your lashes look bigger and more voluminous which adds to the look of your big, beautiful eyes.

9. Experiment with color

Are your eyes big and blue? Or perhaps an emerald green? You’ve got the perfect eyes to try out bold jewel tones. Line your eyes with blue and add more dazzle. It will open your eyes up even more gloriously. You can find many tutorials to help you along so you don’t look like you’ve fallen out of the 1960s and can’t get up.

10. Tone it down a little

There are times when you want your eyes to look a little less bulgy and for those times, you’ll love this makeup tip for big eyes in order to make them appear a little smaller. Highlight your lower lashes with a coat of mascara and voila! Your eyes will be less intense in size.

One coat does the trick though. While adding a second coat to top lashes achieves a sexy look, doing so with the bottom lashes can result in spider eyes. Eek!

Some Final Advice for Big-Eyed Girls

You have one of those features that everyone dreams of having so use it to your advantage! These makeup tips for big eyes will help you master the art of accentuation. Have fun playing with makeup tips and tricks designed to bring out your big, beautiful eyes.

And really, that’s the best advice for any woman. Have fun with your makeup. It should be fun and a way to create a new look when you go out, not just about concealing blemishes when you go to the office. Makeup can be a bit of a personality for us all so wear it well and you’ll have it all.