Can I have a Wedding Shower with Covid around?

Can I have a Wedding Shower with Covid around?

Though at first glance, having a Wedding Shower with the country in the middle of a Covid Pandemic seems a laughable idea, perhaps you should take Steve Job’s advice to think different and ask yourself what you want out of a wedding shower in the first place, and take it from there?

Sure, if you want to sit around in a room with your mates, have a drink, have something to eat and end up with lots of presents. Then the benefits and risks of holding a Covid Wedding Shower are going to be something you really need to reconsider. Is it worth it?

However, if you want to share this time as an occasion with your close friends and family, to mark being together before your big day, then it is totally possible to come up with something to do, to make it a special day for all.

It just takes some imagination and planning. So stay safe and get started:

Check the local/relevant Covid restrictions

It goes without saying that you should follow all relevant Covid guidelines when you plan your shower. They are a a pain but once you know what you are allowed to do, you can work out what you are not allowed to do and what the limitations are.

These restrictions can limit your options but as the poet Robert Frost once said, ‘a poem without structure is like tennis without a net‘. At least you will know where you stand with regards to social distancing, numbers who can attend, and other critical details.

The other thing to bear in mind is that Wedding Showers need to be planned in advance, and the rules can change rapidly. Its best to also have a back up plan ‘just in case’.

Up to date CDC guidelines on Covid daily activities and going out , CDC detailed activity guidelines, US State Covid and Travel Guidelines

Who will be arranging the Wedding Shower?

Traditional Bridal showers are often held by the maid of honour, a bridesmaid or two, or a close personal friend. Since with our new style Wedding Shower, we are suggesting you look more into what you are going to do and why you are celebrating, we recommend that the Wedding Shower is arranged by a close friend or someone who really knows the bride. They are going to need time and to call upon others for support when needed.

Create your Wedding Shower planning team and keep communicating, now is not the time for surprises, or keeping to tradition. You are creating your new tradition so enjoy it. It will be worth it.

Remember, having a wonderful experience and keeping everybody safe (including those around you who are not part of the Wedding Shower) is the ultimate goal here.

What will the theme of the Wedding Shower be?

It will be much much safer in these Covid days to hold an outdoor Wedding Shower. Unfortunately the weather is rarely kind and sitting outside on a cold winter’s day can be both uncomfortable and boring.

Since you will probably be outside, think what you would you like to do to make it a day to remember. If it is the right time of year, why not go to a beach or a park and hold a BBQ? Go for a hike, or go on a weekend sailing course. Why not do some charity work or help the community as a group. Go and blow away the cobwebs and don’t get beaten by circumstance.

Formal or informal?

Our advice is to keep it informal. The more formal you make it, the more ‘rules’ you have to follow and the more people you will have to manage. Covid takes a lot of fun out of life at the moment and there are enough Covid rules to keep up with, so you don’t want to complicate them further with some archaic piece of etiquette.

Remember, because it has always been done like that, does not mean you need to do it like that. Keep it small, keep it informal and keep it fun.

Who will be attending?

How many do you want? It can just be you and your best mate if that is what you really want. Ask yourself how many people you consider to be your true friends, those you would go to if you had a problem, and invite them.

You will also need to check your states your state’s gathering restrictions before creating your guest list. Many states aren’t allowing events of more than 50 people.

As a general rule for a traditional Bridal Shower, not every woman invited to the wedding is invited to the bridal shower, but only people invited to the wedding can be invited to the bridal shower.

So for your wedding shower its best to keep the list to those who really are close to you. They will be going to the wedding anyway right?

By the way, they don’t all have to be female. A friend is a friend, regardless of their gender.

Where will you be going?

So you know what you re going to be doing, you roughly know how many people will be turning up. Now you have to find somewhere that is suitable and safe.

Plan the day in detail?

Your guests will likely have questions about the precautions you’ll be taking at your outdoor Wedding shower. How many are you expecting, will you be providing masks or do they have to bring their own? What is happening about food? Will they be social distancing?

Also, what happens if someone becomes ill before the day. Why happens if someone becomes ill on the day? How do they let the planner know? How will they be informed afterwards if someone has become ill and could have been ill at the party?

One way to answer the many questions that will occur, as well as allay any fears is to include a guide with the invitation or set up a guest email group which you can use to circulate any official information you feel your guests may need.

What if it rains/snows/floods?

Have a back up plan and make sure everyone knows what it is.


Have a wonderful and memorable day. It sounds daunting but perhaps arranging something like a safe, comfortable and memorable shower is what we all need in these difficult times.